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2. Blind Self-portrait

In my first official drawing class today we studied “contour”, otherwise known as lines or a silhouette. With sharpies, we did a few simple drawings of a stuffed elephant, iron, blender, and a unique light up dragon. Seems easy enough, right? Although the objects were not complex, the catch was that we had no more than three minutes to draw each one, and we had to do it blindly (without looking at our paper). We learned to examine each object individually, and transfer the image we were seeing to provide our hand’s movement. The professor described our drawings as jigsaw puzzles before they were completed. I liked that. His homework for us was to look in the mirror and draw a blind self-portrait of ourself in less than three minutes.

It’s not too shabby for not looking at the paper and doing it in about two minutes. The one thing I really notice is the freckle right of my nose I tried to draw ended up right of my lips.

I think this was an excellent assignment and has motivated me to do an actual self-portriat which I’ll post at a later date. Maybe this will inspire you to do a (blind) self-portriat! I’d love to see them.

I typically don’t take pictures of myself, but these first two posts I’ve done both have me in them…strange.


1. No Impact (Wo)Man

I’m dedicating my “cherry” post to the reason I originally wanted to create a blog*. Currently I’m reading the book No Impact Man¬†which was highly recommended to me by several of my environmentally conscious friends. Author, Colin Beavan, (wife, two year old daughter, and dog) attempted for an entire year to have no carbon or environmental footprint on the Earth. This meant no toilet paper, trash, motorized transportation, air conditioning, television, etc. Oh, and all of their food had to be produced from no more than 250 miles of their home. Basically, they did without most components which (we’re convinced are necessary to) make up our everyday life.

As soon as I heard about this concept I was immensely intrigued and knew I wanted to attempt this No Impact Project. I plan on finishing the book before school starts on Thursday and I figure that’s when I’ll begin. I have realized it is necessary for me to use a computer for most school assignments and for me to keep blogging, but I suppose minimizing my computer use is better than nothing. I’ll also be walking or riding my bicycle to school and to American Apparel where I work, eating as locally as possible, creating minimal trash, and hand washing/air drying my clothes (I’m not sure what he did about water but I’ll find out soon enough).

When I complete the book I’ll post my thoughts and a little more information about what my plan of action is, so check back soon!

Oh, and that’s me holding the book so you know what it looks like when you go and buy it. I don’t know how to flip images on this computer, so I guess you’ll just have to look at this in a mirror if you want to know what the cover says.

*I think it was actually my good friend Mark Stenberg‘s idea.